GoForth Rebrand

A brand that embodies sophistication, elegance, and adventure. Inspired by the iconic style of George Clooney, our goal is to create a distinctive and memorable identity in the luxury vacation home market. This project reflects a deep understanding of the target audience, delivering a visual identity that captures the essence of sophistication, intelligence, and adventure.
June 2024 (ongoing)
Art Director, Product Designer


GoForth was rebranded from the previous company: My5Homes. The main issue is that our client needed to convey the new business model (4 co-owners). They also felt that the name and brand identity was outdated and not sophisticated enough.

New Strategy

Instead of a regular co-oinwesrhip, GoFOrth focuses on 4 shares per home.

Old, dated brand

My5Homes was a simple brand put together by one of the owners and had no strategy.


After an extensive 2 months of research, we helped our clients come up with a new name: GoForth. After a lot of back and forth (pun intended!), we now have a brand that suites our clients needs and vision.

Brand Guide

A beautifuil, strategized, unified brand under a guide that serves as compass for any material our client needs.


A more strategized, conversion-focused, well-designed website.


We're responsible to maintain GoForth's Brand Standards. This results in standardized brand across all channels, from print material to digital assets.

Digital Marketing

We help GoForth's Marketing Team materialize their marketing strategies by providing strategic guidance on SEO, Google Ads and Personal Brand.


Brand Identity

Slide Decks

Email Signatures


Pitch Deck

Lead Magnets


Sales Presentation

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